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Real estate advisory

Saler service

Real estate owners ask us to sell their property mostly on the basis of good referrals. The issues of ethics on the one hand and profit- and client-satisfaction orientation on the other go hand in hand. In the past, our staff ran top hotels, prepared personalized mortgage contracts for clients, carried out marketing campaigns for world-class car manufacturers, and built several luxury goods shops. This apparently varied experience had one common denominator – their clients were very demanding and always demanded true value for their money. It was not enough to satisfy their expectation – it was necessary to outperform it.

Sale of real estate for the clients usually takes place in the following steps:

  • We agree on the conditions of the sale, including the price and commission (usually 3-4% of the price);
  • We have the real estate photographed by a professional photographer;
  • We develop a plan of addressing potential clients directly, as well as the way of suitable presentation of the real estate on the Internet, in printed magazines and other materials;
  • If it is suitable, the property is presented also at some luxury events we participate in;
  • We carry out private visits with those interested in purchasing the property, and then we take care of all documents and agenda related to the sale;
  • We are entitled to our remuneration only at the moment when the seller receives the payment of the price.

We have been building our repute for many years and we would do everything necessary to impress you too.